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I Second That Emotion…PAIN

About three years ago, the AMA acknowledged that the core of physical pain and many kinds of acute and chronic illnesses is…emotion. There are no protocols in place as to how to determine which emotion is the cause of the pain or disease. However, through working with over 3000+ clients, 180 different kinds of health issues, Olympic athletes from seven different countries and 28 years of experience, Vivalachi is at the forefront of determining which emotions are at the core of causing pain and illness…but more importantly finding where the emotional blockage is located. There’s no smoke and mirrors behind this, just a lot of hard work in trying to figure out how to help people. We’ve also discovered how to get rid of your royal pains in the neck and butt…get your kids to move out. :o)

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Guilt and Chi

Has your mum ever said things like, “You’ll miss me when I’m dead,” or “You don’t love me anymore?” What would you do if you’ve finally got your life together, things have never been better and then your mother asks you to drop everything because your father is maybe sick? Why would someone who loves you so much do things like this and what does it do to you? Continue reading