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I Second That Emotion…PAIN

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About three years ago, the AMA acknowledged that the core of physical pain and many kinds of acute and chronic illnesses is…emotion. There are no protocols in place as to how to determine which emotion is the cause of the pain or disease. However, through working with over 3000+ clients, 180 different kinds of health issues, Olympic athletes from seven different countries and 28 years of experience, Vivalachi is at the forefront of determining which emotions are at the core of causing pain and illness…but more importantly finding where the emotional blockage is located. There’s no smoke and mirrors behind this, just a lot of hard work in trying to figure out how to help people. We’ve also discovered how to get rid of your royal pains in the neck and butt…get your kids to move out. :o)

In working with athletes, one would logically think, as many athletes, trainers and coaches do, that a great deal of chronic and acute pain comes from the repetitive motions that athletes perform for their particular sports. For example, a pole vaulter commonly has issues with their upper and lower back, neck and wrists, which are usually attributed to the nature of the event and often times their training regimens. When an athlete or anyone suffers an injury, it causes some kind of tissue damage and of course physical pain.

But here’s the freaky news that we’ve discovered of what really happens when an individual gets injured and how that injury can affect you for rest of your life.

You might recall that chi flows through the body like water in a pipe. If there’s a clog in the pipe, the water backs up and can affect the whole plumbing system (your body). When one gets injured, it creates a chi blockage and if that blockage is not cleared then over time the body suffers.

Let me illustrate this with a common sports injury…a Grade 1 knee sprain, which is a slightly stretched  knee ligament. You might utter to yourself, “Wait a minute. Are you telling me that a simple sprained knee can cause me a lifetime of suffering?” Yes I am and here’s how.

Let’s say a professional soccer player has just sprained his right knee. As soon as that happens it creates a chi blockage and the accustomed physical pain that comes with the injury. Eventually the knee heals using whatever therapy is at his disposal and he eventually gets cleared to play because physical evidence clearly shows all is healed.

Then, as is common with many athletes, he quickly re-injures the right knee or maybe his right ankle, right hip joint or something on the right side of her body. He was physically fine but the chi blockage was never removed. Recurring injuries are not so much due to the physical nature of an injury but the lingering chi blockage attachment to that injury. It’s why many athletes not only lose a step after the injury but often times are never as good at the sport before it. Each time this player now steps on the soccer pitch, the fear of re-injury is so strong that it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. Injuries become more serious, the pain unbearable and recovery time longer. Yet it still never feels right.

Reflect on a time when you heard an old song or smelled or tasted something from decades ago…it brings back past memories of what you were either doing or experiencing at that time to where you vividly relive the moments, whether it’s negative or positive. The trauma of an injury does the same thing. Each time he watches a soccer game, kicks a soccer ball or does anything soccer related, his body remembers the physical nature of his soccer injury and the knee begins to ache, for no apparent reasons. A quick visit to doctor proves there is no physical issue.

What’s the problem? He has an emotional attachment to the injury.

Which comes to the biggest lie in sports, something one hears everyday from trainers, coaches and athletes: sports is 5% physical and %95 mental. The truth is that sports is mostly emotional.

Let’s investigate this further next time.


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