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Vivalachi Alternative Health and Wellness is at the forefront of understanding how physical pain and many chronic and acute health conditions, at their core, are caused by emotions that have arisen due to improper chi flow. Why is this important? It might have something to do with that I was once misdiagnosed as having  a uterus infection. 

A few months ago, I had a wee bit of discomfort in my lower abdomen, along with a few other niggly things going on. On a lark, I decided to do what millions of Americans are commonly doing every day…I headed to the internet to find out what was wrong with me. Yep, because we all know that self-diagnosis via the world wide web is the most time efficient, cheapest and trustworthy way to go.

I ended up on several reputable websites and much to my utter shock, I had a uterus infection. Wow. Maybe that’s why as a lad growing up in England, one of my favorite animals was the Australian womb-at. Not to make light of uterus infections but unless I went Caitlyn Jenner to the max, I was confident that the diagnosis was rather incorrect.

One problem of self-diagnosis, which sounds as crazy as sending your horse out to audition for The Godfather (1973), is that the mind and emotions can take control of the body to the point that one can believe so profoundly in the diagnosis, they can will themselves into developing the illness or disease. We had a client that swore he had Parkinson’s disease based solely on what he read on someone’s webpage. Doctors couldn’t figure out his issues because there was no physical problem. Point is, it was all emotional. In 1709, when Alexander Pope added bacon to sweeten his philosophical meals, the words of Francis Bacon, Pope coined the phrase, “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.”

Everyday on the internet, we’re pummeled with emotional manipulative information that taps into fear. Ads show gross looking pictures of people with ugly health conditions with headlines like Don’t Eat Bananas Again or If you eat this, diabetes will kill you. Diabetes is the hook that draws you into eating the worm by using a cartoon drawing presentation claiming that after years of scientific research they have a cure that nobody wants you to know about.

Breakfast food scam article

When you look at this recent picture-headline posted on New AOL, what food do you think is killing you? Now I’m worried…pancakes, sausage patties, hash browns, coffee, tea, salt, pepper, mustard, ketchup and eggs are going to kill me. No. It’s to scare you into reading the article, which has nothing to do with the photo.

In regard to the bananas? The mind quickly associates that bananas are dangerous and bad for the health. But if you carefully read on you’ll discover you never have to worry about eating bananas so long as you buy what they’re peddling.

It’s often said that one never forgets how to ride a bike and the reason why this is true is that there are certain key nerve cells in the brain that control the formation of memories for motor skills. Yet when it comes to peddling your health, try avoid knee-jerk reactions and learn more about the different ways of health care that exist today.

For example, it wasn’t until the mid-1990s that the National Institute of Health developed a research-funding program geared toward investigating alternative forms of medicine. Since then, many studies have researched the effects of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) on illness, injuries and disease. The core of TCM evolves around the 5000+ year old concept of chi (qi) and its various manifestations, such as chi gong, acupuncture, acupressure, chi healing and taiji (tai chi) and chi massage. With the use of these methods and other effective alternative healing modalities, for examples yoga, herbal medicine and meditation, Western hospitals and doctors are becoming more attuned into the importance of integrative health care when it comes to helping their patients.

How does Vivalachi tie into all of this and specifically with TCM? At Vivalachi we first find and identify what chi blockages are causing emotional issues, then as one grows through what they go through, Vivalachi introduces in-house new therapies to help one resolve their emotional issues. Novel techniques are also introduced to help keep one moving forward with their recovery, skills that can be used to deal with future health concerns.

Bottom line, one can learn how to fend off emotional manipulation by outside forces and recognize how the energy of negative emotions of family, friends, colleagues at work and people you meet every day, can attach to you and affect your health. Being aware of these things is an important step toward better physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health.

This is the way of Vivalachi.


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